Ordinary chemical barrels cannot be loaded with gasoline

- Jul 04, 2019-

Chemical barrels are used to hold gasoline and diesel, which is prone to danger. Because gasoline is a Class A Class A flammable liquid, its flash point is less than 28 degrees Celsius and the lower explosion limit is less than 10%. In the process of filling, pouring or vibrating with barreled gasoline, the gasoline and the barrel wall rub against each other, and the contact potential difference generates electrons to move, generating a static spark, igniting gasoline or a mixture of gasoline and air, causing combustion or explosion. Of course, if the chemical barrel is of good quality and has certain safety, it will be another matter. Pay attention to the choice when purchasing.

In addition to not being able to hold petrol, you can't load food, because the chemical barrels used will exert harmful substances. If it is used to load food, it will make the food toxic and harmful to the human body, so we should avoid this when using it.