Operation rules for cleaning and inspection of packaging iron drums

- Jul 17, 2020-

Packaging iron drums are generally used for packaging liquids and solids. The packaging iron drums are mostly cylindrical. The bottom of the packaging iron drums is closed with an iron sheet. The upper mouth has a handle for easy portability. The packaging iron drums are not fragile, rusty, and quality. Light and other characteristics, and excellent resistance to oil and strong corrosion, but compared with developed countries, there are certain gaps in the shape and structure and economic performance of iron drum packaging containers in our country, so our country must vigorously develop For iron drum products, the iron drums produced by our country should exceed the level of developed countries. Let's take a look at the cleaning requirements of the following packaging iron drums:

Wear protective gloves such as gloves and protective glasses before packing the iron drums for cleaning. Damaged or deformed iron drums are not allowed to be put into use; those with severe paint removal and rust on the outside of the iron drums are not allowed to be put into use; check that there are no foreign objects in the iron drum; no labels and handwriting are allowed on the outer wall of the iron drum. Clean the inside of the packaging iron drum, the inside of the resin revolving drum, first add the chain to the revolving drum to be cleaned, then add 10L each of fresh water and 32% liquid alkali, tighten the mouth of the iron drum and roll the drum back and forth;, After the alkaline water is cleaned, transfer the alkaline water into the next revolving bucket to be cleaned, take out the chain, put it into the revolving bucket to be cleaned and wash it with appropriate amount of water for 2 to 3 times, the pH is close to 7, check that there is no resin in the bucket Wait for foreign objects; control the residual water in the barrel to dry before use. Clean the inside of the non-resin turnover bucket, wash with appropriate amount of water at least twice, and use a washing machine and cleaning agent if necessary. Each time you wash, you need to roll the packaging iron drum back and forth to wash off the residual liquid substances in the drum. After the cleaning is completed, the cleaning person inspects the inside of the packaging barrel by looking, touching, smelling, etc., and the odorless and foreign objects in the barrel are qualified for cleaning.https://www.fhpails.com/