New developments in barrel technology

- Jun 07, 2019-

First, the international development of steel drum products

As China's opening up has further deepened, standard steel drums have been restricted in export packaging. In recent years, many steel drum companies in China have begun to carry out international improvement of products. Among them, ISO international standard steel drums, container steel drums and tapered open steel drums are among the fastest growing. Steel drum closures have been internationally versatile.

ISO international standard steel drums are mostly used for exporting chemical product packaging. With a standard diameter of 571mm and a capacity of 42 gallons, this is the most promising steel drum product in China.

Steel drums for containers, often referred to in the industry as steel bars, are a combination of standard and Italian standards and are a transitional product between standard steel drums and international standard steel drums. The diameter of the ring of the steel drum is smaller than that of the standard steel drum, which not only saves the space occupied by the steel drum in the container transportation, but also strengthens the strength of the steel drum.

Conical open steel drums are produced in Italian standards and are used in the packaging of food ingredients. They are widely used in western China and are mainly used for export packaging of ketchup and jam. Steel drum

The main feature is that the empty barrel transportation cost is low, easy to recycle and handle, and the space occupied in container transportation is more reasonable.

The closed structure and size of the closed steel drum have adopted the international standard inch sealer, which realizes the international generalization transition.

Second, the environmental protection of steel drum raw and auxiliary materials

The raw and auxiliary materials used in the manufacture of steel drums have begun to move forward in the direction of environmental protection, especially in the large-scale use of thin steel sheets and the application and research of environmentally friendly coatings.

In recent years, the thinning of steel drums has become the main development direction of China's steel drum products. At present, various enterprises have used a large number of steel plates of 0.8-1.0mm to produce 200-liter steel drums. In the field of tapered open steel drums, 0.6~ have been widely used. 0.8mm thin steel plate production saves resources and reduces the cost of steel drums.

The most prominent development in the coating of steel drum coatings is the development of waterborne coatings and powder coatings. Since the environmental pollution caused by VOCs produced by organic solvent-based coatings has been widely recognized, in recent years, water-based coatings and powder coatings have been used in China for the coating of steel drums, which is the main development direction of steel drum coatings in the future. .

In terms of the internal coating of steel drums, China has developed rapidly. The special inner coatings for steel drums based on Shanghai Xugong Coatings have entered the world's advanced ranks, and many of them have obtained international certification.

In recent years, China's pre-coated steel coils have developed rapidly. In the near future, pre-coated coils will be widely used in the steel drum manufacturing industry, becoming the main raw material for steel drum production, and the steel drum coating process from the steel drum production process. Remove, really

Achieve environmentally friendly and efficient production.