Methods of repairing leaks in iron barrels

- Sep 15, 2020-

(1) Selection of leak-breaking adhesive for iron drums; formula (parts by weight): 100 parts of E-44 epoxy resin, 80 parts of 650 polyamide. 

(2) Bonding process: ①Cleaning: first polish the leaking part of the iron bucket with emery cloth to remove the rust, and then scrub it with acetone. ③Glue preparation: mix and mix according to the prescribed amount of formula. ⑧Gluing: apply the prepared glue slag to the leaking part of the iron drum, and paste a piece of glass fiber cloth, and then apply glue on the surface of the glass fiber cloth, and then cover with a layer of glass fiber cloth, usually 2 to 3 layers are enough . ①Curing: curing at room temperature for 24 hours. To

(3) Effect: Repair the old and benefit the waste, and use it well.