Method of preventing plastic barrel deformation to extend service life

- Jul 20, 2019-

1. The plastic bucket itself will not work. 2. Do not pay attention during use.

Due to the quality problem of plastic barrels, the problem of deformation is still relatively small. Now the plastic barrel manufacturers have done a proper inspection before the external supply, so the problem of deformation of the plastic barrel is more based on the installed The item, and the location and angle of the object it is loaded on.

When we use plastic buckets to hold items, sometimes the barrels are more susceptible to deformation. There is also a saying about the deformation of the plastic barrel, because the plastic barrel has good sealing property. When the plastic barrel is filled with liquid goods, after tightening the plastic barrel lid, since the liquid in the barrel is cooled, the pressure in the barrel is cooled. Smaller, the external pressure is large, causing a large difference between the pressure inside and outside the barrel, causing the plastic barrel to deform. In fact, this is a conceptual error. The re-production of plastic drums is based on the degree of danger of the liquids required to determine the pressure of the plastic drums, and will not be deformed by pressure.