Method for recycling industrial plastic barrels

- Oct 23, 2019-

1. The physical method for recycling industrial plastic barrels is to pulverize the clean PET waste film or waste PET bottle and then granulate it into a regenerated slice by extrusion granulation equipment and directly mix it into the new material. Physical methods Re-granulated PET slices have no change in chemical structure, but the molecular weight is slightly reduced and does not affect the use. The equipment used for recycling granulation includes twin-screw extruder and compression-densified extrusion granulator. These two kinds of recycling granulation equipment are characterized by no need to dry before processing and directly fed with clean pulverized material. The extruder melts and plasticizes, and is evacuated through the exhaust port. The melt passes through the porous die to produce PET particles of uniform shape and uniform size, and the viscosity is reduced little and can be recycled.

2, the chemical method of industrial plastic barrel recycling is still taking polyester plastic barrel as an example, alcoholysis can be used. Since polyester is a high polymer obtained by esterification and polycondensation reaction using PTA and EG as main raw materials. Because the polycondensation reaction is a reversible reaction, under certain conditions, the PET side waste can be used to recover the cleaned PET pulverized material by alcoholysis, and the PET is completely depolymerized into a monomer or partially depolymerized by using a basic catalyst under the action of methanol or triethylene glycol. The oligomer is then re-polymerized into a PET resin for reuse in packaging materials or in the manufacture of polyester staple fibers.