Method for cleaning and maintaining paint buckets

- Apr 30, 2020-

When cleaning the paint bucket, please make sure the air extraction pressure first, otherwise the whole paint sheet can cause serious harm to body navigation;


Regularly review the cleaning work after the suction filter is blocked and broken. If the paint buckets of paint chips are used, they will continue to be used in the next working day, which can increase the progress of the pneumatic motor to ensure that they can be used normally for paint buckets;


Then connect the paint hose spray gun with the wall paint hose plug to ensure that the paint piece is not dry. Prepare a short hose to connect to the spray gun. Pull the other end of the hose out of the cleaning solvent gun operation until the insulation layer Is clean.


If the paint job has been completed, the bucket should be completely cleaned, especially after the paint bucket paint chip suction tube, insulation hose plug and solvent cleaning, prepare a short hose to connect to the spray gun.


The choice of the paint bucket filler, the pigment makes the paint film show color, and the paint film has a certain covering ability to play its decorative and protective role. Pigments can also enhance the mechanical properties and durability of the coating film. The paint on the outer wall of the paint bucket needs to be sprayed on the facade. If it is too thick, it will cause sagging. This requires the paint bucket to have excellent hiding power;


Paint buckets are often exposed to sunlight, and paints are required to have good color retention.