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- Mar 20, 2019-

Paint cans transport storage specific requirements and tinplate paint cans prices


Paint cans, which are containers for storing paints and coatings, can also be said to be packaging materials for paints and coatings to facilitate the storage and transportation of paints. The following is an introduction to this kind of paint can, which is to explain the relevant knowledge, so that you can know how to use the paint cans properly and reasonably.


1. When the paint can is purchased, is there a requirement in the manufacturer's choice?

When the paint cans are purchased, there are some requirements in the choice of the manufacturer. Specifically, it is required to select a formal professional manufacturer, because this can guarantee the product quality, as well as the product performance and use effect, and further, guarantee The product has a good effect. Moreover, it cannot be treated and carried out.


2. An understanding of a paint can to facilitate dumping

Paint cans, which are mainly used to store paint, and can be sealed and stored in paint. Most paint cans are metal cans, which will be opened when needed, and if there is any remaining in the can after use, It is necessary to cover the can to prevent the paint from deteriorating and cannot be used. Therefore, a paint can is designed for easy pouring to facilitate the use of the paint can.


The paint can is easy to pour, and is composed of a paint can main body, a bracket chute body, an outer bracket and an inner bracket, and the structural form thereof is: the two ends of the paint can main body are respectively provided with The bracket chute body has a T-shaped connecting key on the bracket chute body, three card slots are evenly arranged in the chute, the T-shaped connecting key is inserted with a connecting ring, and the end of the T-shaped connecting key is connected with the L-shaped through the connecting key The bayonet button has one end of the L-shaped bayonet button inserted in the slot of the chute, and the connecting ring is respectively connected with the outer bracket and the inner bracket.


3. Are there specific requirements for the paint cans when they are stored?

The storage of paint cans is specifically required, especially when paint cans are painted. The specific requirements for storage are: during the transportation process, avoid exposure to rain, sun exposure and collision or impact. Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place, away from heat and sources of ignition. At the storage temperature, it is room temperature, and the temperature cannot be too high or too low.


4. What is the price of tinplate paint cans?

Paint cans, if the material is tinplate, then the price of this kind of paint cans is mainly depends on the size and capacity of the paint cans, because there is a proportional relationship between them, that is, the larger the specification capacity of the paint cans, Then the higher the price of the product. However, in general, if the packaging specification is 20 liters, then it is between ten and tens of dollars.