Metal cans need to pay attention to the aspects and different types of printing

- Dec 08, 2018-

A can made of a metal material, which can be called a metal can, and by this name, can be intuitively understood to know that it is made of a metal material. In addition, a can of metal can is widely used from the current point of view. Therefore, an in-depth understanding is required to achieve proper and rational use of the product.

1. Does the metal can manufacturer choose the right one?
From a professional point of view, the manufacturer of metal cans has the same choice as its products, because if the wrong choices occur, it will affect the correct selection and normal use of the products, and thus, adverse effects and economic losses for users. . Moreover, there are specific requirements in the choice of the manufacturer, in order to select professional and regular manufacturers to ensure product quality and product performance and use.

2. What are the important aspects of metal cans that need attention?
There are many important aspects of metal cans. Specifically, they are raw materials and excipients, production processes, quality inspections, and production equipment. Moreover, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to these aspects and study and understand them carefully. Furthermore, it is possible to have a correct understanding and a comprehensive understanding of the metal can, and know which conditions can be used and have a good use effect.

3. How to print aluminum two-piece cans in metal cans? Can the cans be metal cans?
The aluminum two-piece can in the metal can is different from ordinary flat printing in printing, and is a printing operation on a curved metal surface, so it can be classified into continuous high-speed curved printing, which is a kind Special printing technology. The can, which belongs to the metal can, is not equated with the metal can, and is a subordinate relationship. In terms of material, it is made of aluminum and tinplate.

4.20L metal cans, how is the volume calculated? Beer cans, is it a metal can?
The calculation of the volume of 20L metal cans depends on whether the vertical or horizontal metal cans, as well as the specific shape of the metal cans, can only be calculated if these two aspects are clear, otherwise they cannot. Beer cans, which are metal cans, specifically, use aluminum two-piece cans to thin the aluminum alloy sheet, so the thickness of the tank wall is smaller than the thickness of the bottom of the tank. Moreover, due to the strong internal pressure inside the tank, the rigidity of the tank wall is