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- Mar 20, 2019-

Can the oil tank be customized and what are the important parameters?


The oil tank is used to hold all kinds of oil. Therefore, it is called the oil tank. Now that we know the specific use of this kind of tank, let's continue to understand the product on this basis. It has a deep understanding and at the same time, knows how to make the most of it and avoid the waste of the product.


1. Should the oil tank be continuously improved and improved?

From a professional point of view, the oil tank is to be continuously improved and improved, because only in this way, can meet the different needs and requirements of users, in order to make the oil tank have good performance and use effect. Based on this, an oil tank that is easy to carry, labor-saving, and easy to leak and not waste has been developed to improve the use of the product.


The oil tank is made of HDPE material, the top of the tank is in the shape of a "human", the nozzle is arranged on the top of the tank, so that the top of the tank is provided with a top handle on the other side, and the side of the tank has a side handle. In addition, the oil nozzle is provided with a reminder internal thread, and the oil nozzle port has a trapezoidal external thread, so that the inner and outer threads can be matched.


2. What are the important parameters of the oil tank?

Oil tanks, which are a specific type of tank, are more common and commonly used. And, it has corresponding parameters, some of which are important parameters, which are indispensable. In terms of the important parameters of the oil tank, it is specifically the oil tank capacity, product size, tank bottom length and tank bottom width, etc., in order to understand the size of the oil tank, and then know how much oil can be installed. .


3. Can the oil tank be customized? What parameters will be marked on the tank?

This product can be customized according to the user's different use requirements or special use requirements, but in terms of price calculation, it will be different from the ordinary oil tank, because it is customized according to special requirements, etc., and has no versatility. .


On the body of the oil tank, it is sure to mark the two parameters of SAE viscosity grade and API quality grade.

SAE viscosity grade: For example, 5W30, the number in front of W is the low temperature viscosity grade of the oil, and the number behind W is the high temperature viscosity grade of the oil. Also, if the number in front of W is smaller, the lower the fluidity of the oil is better.

API quality level: If it is the beginning of S, it is for gasoline engine oil, the specification is from PIS to SN, the higher the letter, the higher the level.