Market competitive advantage between steel drums and plastic drums

- Jun 16, 2020-

The development trend of the steel drum company follows the rapid development trend of the petroleum, chemical and food manufacturing industries. The total demand of the steel drum market has risen steadily in recent years. As everyone knows, the market share of this packaging method has been invaded by plastic barrels. Compared with the steel drum manufacturing industry, the plastic drum manufacturing industry is still in the process of becoming a talent. However, because of its resource advantages, plastic barrels are showing signs of becoming the upper hand.

As this traditional packaging method, the processing technology and application specifications of steel drums have long been mature. It is widely used as a plastic packaging container for crude oil commodities, food and industry, and chemical raw materials. The new development trend of plastic barrels and steel barrels are basically the same application field. Only steel drums are more suitable for the main purpose of transportation of crude oil commodities, and plastic drums are more advantageous in food and industrial and chemical plant product packaging with relatively small volume requirements.