Maintenance of iron drums

- Apr 20, 2020-

The correct way is to sprinkle the cleaning agent or decontamination powder on a soft cloth, dip it with a little water, then scrub, then wash it with clean water, put it outdoors, dry it naturally, do not put the stainless steel iron bucket in a damp place If you do n’t have access to the air, the stainless steel iron bucket will be corroded by moisture. Although you know the method of scrubbing, but if you do n’t give the stainless steel iron bucket the time to invent it, will you feel fresh?
The internally coated anti-corrosion silent iron drum is made of cold-rolled iron plate structure. Due to the good function of cold-rolled iron plate, cold-rolled steel strip and steel plate with thinner thickness and higher accuracy can be obtained, with high flatness and high surface finish. It is easy to be coated and processed, has many varieties and wide applications, and has the characteristics of high stamping function and low yield point.