Maintenance method of steel drum

- Dec 20, 2019-

1. Keep the barrel and barrel clean and the signs clear. The steel drum should be checked frequently for leaks and the surface of the drum is clearly marked.

2. Keep the ground clean and easy to find and deal with in time when leakage occurs.

3. The solid barrels on the site should be laid horizontally, with two rows side by side, the bottoms of the barrels should be opposite, the mouths of the barrels should be outward, and the large mouths should be upwards. The stacking height should not exceed three levels, and stowage should be added between the levels.

4. The open-air solid storage yard should not be located near the main railway or highway, but there should be a dedicated road; it should not be located at the foot of a steep mountain.

5. No electrical equipment shall be provided in the site, lighting equipment may be located outside the site, and necessary fire fighting equipment shall be provided.