Maintenance knowledge of paint bucket

- Jul 28, 2020-

The correct way is to sprinkle detergent or decontamination powder on a soft cloth, moisten it with a little water, and then scrub, then rinse with clean water, put it outdoors, let it dry naturally, do not put the stainless steel bucket in a damp place, If you can’t touch the air, the stainless steel barrel will be corroded due to moisture. Although you know the method of scrubbing, it may still corrode the stainless steel.

Do not hold acidic liquids in open galvanized barrels. Use open galvanized barrels to contain acidic beverages, which can cause zinc poisoning. Zinc is a white soft and shiny metal, which is easily soluble in acidic solutions. If acidic food is prepared or stored in an open galvanized bucket or other galvanized utensils, zinc is dissolved into the food in the form of toxic organic acid salts. If people ## consume a large amount of foods containing toxic organic acid salts, they are poisonous. risk. Therefore, when using galvanized containers including galvanized barrels, do not use it to contain acidic dishes, soup, wine, juice, milk and other foods.