Main performance and application range of chemical plastic barrels

- Jun 09, 2019-

Chemical plastic drums are used for dangerous goods packaging. They have good characteristics, such as non-fragile, non-rusting and light weight, and they are excellent in oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance. It is mostly used for packaging of dangerous goods that require heat preservation, moisture resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Plastic barrels are made of plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, etc. . Specifications from 0.25L--220L open and close plastic buckets and 1000L plastic buckets. Can be used for items or transport turnover.

Chemical plastic barrel performance: non-toxic and tasteless, moisture-proof and anti-freeze, excellent stability and high strength. Excellent electrical insulation and anti-static. Strong alkali and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance of 110 degrees, low temperature resistance -40 degrees. The HDPE is poor, and it is used for packaging various types of liquids which are not volatile and volatilize. The product can be stacked, and the highest stack of 4 layers is not deformed. The product is anti-aging and does not deform.

Application range of chemical plastic barrels: widely used in packaging chemical products, such as scale inhibitors, algaecides, corrosion inhibitors, numerical softeners, anti-mold agent packaging, etc. Weaving, textile: bleaching agent for printing and dyeing, canvas wax sensation packaging.

The maximum heat that the plastic bucket can carry is not one hundred and eighty degrees, and the minimum heat is minus seventy degrees. Therefore, in general, the temperature of the liquid carried by the chemical plastic barrel should be between minus 40 degrees and minus 60 degrees. If the value is outside this range, the weight of the device is higher or the temperature is higher, the chemical plastic barrel should be protected to avoid deformation of the plastic barrel. Usually we will install steel protective materials in plastic drums. If a chemical plastic drum is used to install a liquid that will produce a chemical reaction, precautions should be taken to confirm its reaction and its ability to withstand its