Knowledge introduction of plastic barrel anti-corrosion performance test

- Nov 22, 2019-

In the current development of the plastics industry, the application of plastic pain is more and more extensive, so people are more and more concerned about the anti-corrosion performance of plastic barrels. Let's learn about the anti-corrosion performance and anti-aging test of plastic barrels. Let's go!

1. Anti-corrosion performance test: Put the plastic bucket in a corrosive chemical. When the temperature of the chemical is kept at 75 ° C for 48 hours, the barrel will not have any cracks or bubble deformation.

2, anti-aging test: material anti-aging light should meet the following requirements: aging time (h) after artificial aging impact strength change rate 6000 ≤ 40%; inject high-quality anti-UV raw materials, color pigment 5%, guaranteed 8 years (Outdoor) does not fade.

So if you want to use the plastic bucket for a longer period of time and achieve the effect we expected, you need to pay special attention to the initial selection.