Knowledge about iron drums

- Jun 28, 2019-

In the current iron drum manufacturers, the iron drums are generally finished steel products, which have strong anti-leakage resistance. The anti-seismic design makes the barrels fall hard at high altitude, and the silent and open teeth design is fastened with threaded screw plugs at the barrel mouth. The upper sealing cover is waterproof and the outer body of the barrel is maintained by baking paint. The rust prevention for a long time is the best embodiment for the safety of chemical solvents.

The main material for iron drums is steel. Compared with other metals, energy consumption and cost are also low. It still occupies the first place in metal, and the steel for packaging is first selected from low-carbon steel sheets. The low carbon steel sheet has superior plasticity and ductility, good barreling process and excellent comprehensive protection. However, it should be noted that the biggest defect of steel is poor corrosion resistance and rust. It must be applied by external coating and coating to make good use.