Is there a shelf life for chemical plastic barrel products?

- Aug 03, 2020-

In fact, chemical plastic barrels have a shelf life. After expiration, the plastic will age, and it will become discolored and brittle. If the barrel used is yellow or no longer clear, it should be replaced as soon as possible. When it turns yellow, it clarifies that the chemical plastic barrels are no longer in accordance with the normal operating specifications. Especially when the barrel becomes brittle, it will not be able to hold too many things, and it will break at any time, so you must pay attention to the barrel Shelf life.

At the same time, aging chemical plastic barrels may release substances that may be harmful to the human body. The shelf life of most chemical plastic barrels made of plastic is generally about three to five years. Assuming frequent use, one to two years of replacement is better.

In addition, the correct maintenance and use of chemical plastic barrels can not only increase the service life, but also ensure the personal safety of the workers. The editor here reminds us that once the aging phenomenon occurs, we should stop using it.