Is the work of buying steel drums important and which steels are available

- Mar 08, 2019-

The drum steel drum is a kind of steel drum, but the wheel is the same as the ordinary steel drum to facilitate the movement and transportation, so this specific name will be available.Below, I am familiar with and understand this kind of steel drum, and then know what is a steel drum.


1. Is the purchase of the drum steel drum important?

The purchase of steel drums with wheels is a major task from a professional point of view. It cannot be treated and carried out because if it is wrongly selected, it will affect the normal use of the product and its effect, and even give Users bring economic losses and waste products, so based on this, will this conclusion be reached. In addition, it is also necessary to know that all the factors related to the purchase are taken into account in order to make an accurate judgment and to correctly select the result, and then select the appropriate product.


2. What are the materials for the steel drum with wheels? Does it have openings and closed points?

The steel drum with wheels, in terms of material, from the name of its name, is made of steel. On the steel grade, it can be Cr12MoV and other grades, which are determined by the use environment and use requirements, so that it can be used properly. Material and steel drums have good performance.


The drum steel drum has an opening and a closed mouth, so it can be divided into an open type and a closed type. Further, it is possible to convert the open type into a closed type, and it is possible to form a closed-type pulley steel drum by adding a cover to the open type by welding or the like.


3. What steel is available for the drum steel drum?

A steel drum that can be used in a steel drum, which specifically has the following, is:


Cold-rolled low-carbon steel sheet: mainly used in large and medium-sized transport packaging steel drums.

Hot rolled low carbon steel sheet: mainly used in large and medium transport packaging steel drums.

Galvanized steel sheet: It can also be called white iron sheet, which is used in various steel drums used in industrial fields.

Tin-plated steel sheet: It can also be called tinplate, which is mainly used to make small steel drums. At the same time, it can also be used to make other small food containers for food and non-food.

Chrome-plated steel sheet: mainly used to make small barrels, which can partially replace