Is the wall thickness of the plastic barrel related to its quality?

- May 20, 2020-

Different plastic drums have different rules for the thickness of the wall. For example, the minimum wall thickness cannot appear at the bottom of the product or the nuclear membrane line. The distribution of the wall thickness of the barrel must be fully considered. Only different settings can be made at different locations. Barrel wall standards, so as to ensure that the product use and performance requirements are met under the premise of a certain product weight. In general, the bottom mold clamping line of the plastic barrel should be the thickest part of the entire plastic barrel, and the thinnest wall should be At the corner of the plastic bucket, under normal circumstances the bottom corner should be thicker than the top corner; the thickness of the lower part of the product should be larger than the upper part, which is better.

When we buy plastic buckets, we can't just care about the brand of the plastic bucket. We must observe the interface and the wall thickness in detail to ensure the quality of our use.