Is the preparation of plastic buckets important and can you store alcohol for a long time?

- May 08, 2019-

Plastic buckets, although only three words, contain a lot of relevant professional knowledge, so you need to firmly grasp this knowledge, so that you can use the plastic bucket correctly and reasonably. Based on this, the following will explain and explain the relevant knowledge of plastic buckets. The explanations are as follows.


1. Is the preparation before the plastic bucket purchase important?

From a professional point of view, plastic buckets need to do some preparatory work before the product is purchased, and these preparations are very important. They should not be underestimated and sloppy, because the purpose of this work is to achieve two purposes. The importance of product purchase work, the second is to avoid the wrong choice. In the work content, there are mainly two aspects, one is to clearly understand the product use environment and use requirements, and the second is to understand some basic information of products and manufacturers to prevent misjudgment and wrong choice.


2. When purchasing plastic buckets, should you compare the relevant factors?

When purchasing plastic buckets, it is required to take all relevant factors into account, and these are important considerations, because they are related to product purchase, so this conclusion will be reached. These factors are the same in importance, there is no distinction between them, so they are not comparable, and from another perspective, such comparisons have no meaning and value, and do not need to do this work.


3. Can you use gasoline or hydrochloric acid, can you use plastic bucket?

Plastic buckets, which cannot be used for gasoline, are caused by the fact that plastic buckets generate static electricity during contact with gasoline, especially during the transportation of gasoline, and will accumulate a large amount of electric charge, thus posing a safety hazard. Moreover, gasoline itself is a flammable and explosive substance. It is ok to use hydrochloric acid to carry hydrochloric acid. However, it depends on which type of hydrochloric acid. If it is concentrated hydrochloric acid, it is not recommended to use plastic bucket. It is recommended to use glass, ceramic or enamel container for loading, because concentrated hydrochloric acid is very strong. Volatile and corrosive.


4. Can plastic buckets hold wine for a long time?

Plastic buckets, which cannot hold wine for a long time, because the plastic used in plastic buckets can be food grade plastic. Also, ordinary plastics cannot be used because some components of ordinary plastics are dissolved by alcohol if they are high in alcohol content. In addition, plastics are less airtight than glass and are not suitable for long-term storage.