Is the plastic bucket white and wearable?

- Nov 14, 2019-

Exposure is one of the reasons why the plastic drum is damaged too quickly. When 2 plastic buckets are exposed to light, there is usually a temperature change that can be regarded as heating, and an increase in temperature accelerates the diffusion of oxygen, thereby increasing the oxidation rate. Initiation of hot glue and cracking, and contact with oxygen or even ozone in the air, excessive bonding or molecular chain breakage can accelerate aging, and there are other factors such as water, high-energy radiation, medium and so on.

In addition, long-term use of plastic barrels for handling, plastic barrels and the ground friction, will also wear the edge of the barrel, which will reduce the life of the plastic barrel. It should be noted that although some plastic barrels can be used, the life of the plastic barrels will be very short. It is recommended to replace the new plastic barrels to facilitate liquid storage.