Is the plastic bucket really convenient for us to carry it with

- Oct 05, 2019-

Today, many plastic drum packages on the market are lacking in this respect. Due to the large capacity of the plastic barrels, it is assumed that the scheme is unreasonable, and the transfer and application of the logistics process are very troublesome operations.

In the convenience of the use of plastic buckets, the first is a small-capacity, light-weight plastic bucket. This type of plastic drum packaging is now the first hand to use the hand-feeling solution, so that the handle is more labor-saving and more convenient to use is an important part of the thinking of the plastic barrel program. With regard to large-capacity plastic barrels, there is a need for more conceived ideas.

For example, some large-scale waste plastic drums are mounted on wheels, which is very convenient for push-pull and convenient use. Followed by the use of plastic barrels. Plastic barrels are usually quoted at a high contrast and are also used in comparison. For example, paint plastic barrels, many migrant workers now use paint plastic buckets for clothes, used to hold rice, used to pickles.

For the convenience of use, we think that plastic buckets are easy to clean and disinfect. After all, the recycling rate of plastic barrels is also a direction driven by demand. Plastic drum recycling is now very low. The recycling of plastic bottles touches on many aspects such as recovery and equipment, and the demand is gradually promoted.