Is the blown tray product odorous and can it continue to be used

- Aug 16, 2019-

Blow molding is similar to the general hollow product blow molding method. Because of its large size and double-sided type, large extruders, mold clamping machines, and molds are required. At present, domestic hollow molding machine manufacturers have developed a large-scale hollow molding machine that specializes in high-speed production of high-strength blow molding trays. It is produced by HMWHDPE high-strength plastics, with high forming speed, good product quality, high strength, high rigidity and very long The service life of the general blow molding tray can reach 5~10 years, and it can work stably in the environment of -40~40 °C. When we buy plastic pallets, we sometimes encounter some scented plastic trays, so many people will consult with us. Can scented plastic trays be bought? To answer this question, we must first understand the problem, that is, where does the smell of the plastic tray come from? Can scented plastic trays be bought?

In general, there are two main reasons for plastic pallet companies. First, the industrial data of plastic products is mostly polyvinyl chloride. This chemical itself has carcinogenicity and a certain smell. In a high temperature environment, it will rapidly differentiate and declare hydrogen chloride gas, which will be in the eyes of people. Respiratory mucosa has a strong effect, which may cause headache, aversion, skin allergies and other phenomena. Second, some unqualified manufacturers participated in the defective and unclean and uninformed recycling of recycled plastics, and the participation of these materials will add odor.