Is it safe to reuse tinplate?

- Feb 25, 2020-

In the chemical industry, we often see packaging containers such as tin cans and iron drums. What are their main functions? In fact, the functions are still relatively large, such as motor oil, paint packaging, etc. With the development of the packaging industry, Quickly, the packaging industry market is now full. Compared with other plastic packaging and carton packaging, iron can packaging is slightly higher in cost, but its performance will also be relatively better. For example, in terms of service life, In terms of protection performance, etc., the tin can is made of high-quality tinplate, which can prevent corrosion and rust. Its high strength, good ductility and other characteristics are also very significant, and it can also be used repeatedly.

One of the things we need to pay attention to when choosing tinplate cans is the use time of the package. Although the tin can is a consumable product, it can not only save costs but also save resources when it is recycled, because we use We must know that the packaging containers have a great impact on the environment. Now we also know that environmental protection is becoming more and more important. Waste is classified and treated, and the products we use are also environmentally friendly.