Iron drum can carry temperature

- Nov 28, 2019-

The liquid of the iron drum device is not problematic at normal temperature, salt, alkali, and other mixtures. However, iron drums cannot be used to oxidize liquids, such as sulfuric acid at temperatures above 60 degrees, sulfuric acid at concentrations above 75 percent, and concentrated nitric acid at concentrations above 30 percent.

Iron drums have the largest temperature bearing range regardless of their quality. Once this range is exceeded, the iron drums are prone to deformation and aging. Therefore, we must pay attention to the contents when using iron drums for liquids. Whether the temperature of the liquid contained is controlled within the loadable range of the iron drum.

Usually, the maximum heat that the iron drum can carry is one hundred and eighty degrees, and the lowest heat is minus seventy degrees. Therefore, the temperature of the liquid used in the iron drum should be between minus 40 degrees and 60 degrees above zero. If this value range is exceeded and the liquid with a higher weight or higher temperature is used, the iron drum should be protected to avoid deformation of the drum.