Iron barrel manufacturing process and advantages

- Jun 19, 2019-

(1) The production process of the iron barrel:

Steel plate shearing--rolling (cylinder type)--tubing body welding--welding overlap burr shearing process--weld section differential rolling--trimming processing--stretching gold processing--corrugation and W-up gold-- Weld seam test--Tian floor stamping--Tian floor pre-rolling--Sky plate size flange stamping processing--Tianban stamping--Surface phosphating treatment (surface treatment process)--in-bucket spraying Coat barrel)--baking furnace--internal inspection and flap assembly--helium gas leak test--screen printing--complete

(2) iron barrel advantage

1. After the outer surface of the barrel of the general steel drum is chemically treated by the iron phosphate peritoneum, the inner surface is free of oil and impurities, the cleanliness is high, the rust prevention ability is enhanced, and the adhesion of the outer coating is greatly improved.

2. The standard triple-layer and seven-layer crimping process is adopted to make the steel drum have excellent impact resistance and air tightness.

3. The introduction of the W-stretching process improves the lateral impact resistance of the iron drum, thereby making the thickness of the iron drum thinner, which makes it possible for customers to reduce costs.

4. This type of iron drum is suitable for low corrosive chemical raw materials, lubricating oils, food additives, coatings and