Introduction to the welding method of welding torch for plastic barrel

- May 08, 2020-

The working principle of the welding gun welding method is that after each circuit is connected, the air compressor continuously sucks in air and monitors it to compress it into high-pressure gas. The heating wire in the plastic welding gun is heated to reach a high temperature. Open the exhaust valve of the air compressor, the high-pressure gas is heated through the hose while passing through the hole of the electric heating wire in the plastic welding gun, and then the high-pressure hot air flow is sprayed from the nozzle to melt the plastic, so that the plastic molecules on the two adhered surfaces diffuse and penetrate each other After cooling, the interface disappears, and it will be bonded into one.

The equipment used in the welding of the plastic barrel welding gun is mainly composed of a plastic welding gun, a voltage regulator and an air compressor. The role of the voltage regulator is to control the temperature of the high-pressure air flow discharged by the nozzle by adjusting the voltage of the plastic welding gun. It has the advantages of high work efficiency, good quality, low cost and simple operation.