Introduction to the production raw materials of plastic barrels

- Dec 06, 2019-

At present, we can see plastic barrels everywhere in our lives. The main raw material for producing plastic barrels is polyethylene (pe), or pe for short. It is a high molecular organic compound obtained by the addition polymerization of ethylene. Polyethylene is the world's best food contact material. Non-toxic, odorless and odorless, in line with food packaging hygiene standards. Polyethylene film, light and transparent, grease packaging drum, has moisture resistance,-, acid resistance, alkali resistance, general air tightness, excellent heat sealability and other properties. Known as "the flower of plastic". It is an important material with a large amount of plastic packaging printing.

Plastic buckets are a product that has a strong use and sales volume. The reason for this phenomenon is inseparable from the performance of plastic buckets. Plastic buckets are lightweight, easy to carry, and have good chemical functions. In particular, Qingdao packaging barrels, in addition to these functional plastic barrels, also have excellent electrical insulation.

The raw material plastic produced in plastic barrels is a lighter material. The relative density of paint packaging barrels is between 0.90 and 2.2. Most plastics have excellent anti-corrosion ability against acids, alkalis and other chemical substances. Ordinary plastics are poor conductors of electricity, and their general resistance and volume resistance are very large, which can be implied by numbers to 109 to 1018 ohms. The breakdown voltage is large, and the tangent of the dielectric loss angle is small. Therefore, plastics have widespread applications in the electronics and machine industries.