Interpretation of the four elements of warping deformation in plastic barrels

- Sep 11, 2019-

Sometimes the processed plastic barrel products will be deformed. In addition to considering the processing requirements and installation requirements of the plastic barrels, we must also consider the processing of the plastic barrels, the functions of the equipment, and the fluidity of the plastics. Plastic drum manufacturers introduce you to the reasons for the warping deformation of plastic products processing:

First, the mold:

The door is not properly oriented or in insufficient quantity.

The orientation or product of the top is inconsistent.

Second, the technical aspects:

The mold and tube temperature are too high.

The injection pressure is too high or the injection is too fast.

The holding time is too long or the cooling time is too short.

Third, raw materials:

Phthalocyanine pigments affect the crystallinity of the polyethylene and cause deformation of the product.

Fourth, product design:

The wall thickness is uneven, and the wall thickness changes are too small.

Product structure modeling.

In the process of injection molding, if it is to be closed, it should adopt a reasonable stopping process, which will save a lot of time and money.

Temporary closure should be divided into multiple plastic or other plastic injection molding machines to clean the remaining plastic injection cylinders. In the case of plastic fading, the number of spray cleanings increases. When making minor repairs, the heater of the launch tube should be adjusted to a minimum to minimize the possibility of thermal decomposition.