Influencing factors of flower blooms during processing of plastic chemical barrels

- Mar 05, 2020-

1. Whether the material is wet: check whether there is obvious water and moisture phenomenon in the data. You can visually observe that there is no water and moisture phenomenon in the outer package. Open the material bag and touch the data to see if there is moisture. Difficult to dry.

2. Feeding link: Check the feeding link to ensure that the barrel and feeding process are clean to prevent foreign materials from mixing in and check whether the data particles have obvious honey holes.

3. Checking the drying equipment: Check the drying equipment to see if the heating temperature of the drying equipment is normal (there is a thermometer on the bottom of the barrel), whether the blast air is flowing in and out smoothly, and you can feel the wind out of the air outlet with your hand.

4. Is there a foaming phenomenon in the shot block? Exit the shot block to see if there is a foaming phenomenon in the rubber block. There should be no foaming phenomenon in the normal production materials. If there is foaming, there is gas. Continue to dry or lower the material. Tube temperature.

5. Check the nozzle heating ring and barrel: Check whether the nozzle heating ring and barrel are heating normally. The nozzle can be tested with a strip on the top. The strip is normal if it melts, and the temperature is abnormal if the strip does not respond; The temperature of the barrel can be viewed on the temperature screen, and the deviation from the set value cannot exceed 20 degrees.

6. Injection process: Check the key conditions that affect the silver pattern in the injection process. The loosening position should be as small as possible, the back pressure can be appropriately increased, and the injection speed can be increased and decreased in both directions.

7. Mold problem inspection: The inspection mold has no effects of oil leakage, air leakage, and water leakage.