If the injection barrel has an odor, what should we do?

- Jun 14, 2019-

There are many uses for injection molding barrels, mainly the storage and transportation of various liquids, and the injection barrels have the advantage of being non-fragile, which is very popular among the consumers of the tube valves. However, due to the production materials and production processes of the injection barrels, sometimes Have an odor.

We can wipe directly with the used tea leaves so that they are not wasted and they are used. Use a small amount of tea, put it into the injection tank, rinse into the lid of the hot water, pour it out after a few hours, and then brush it with water. You can also put two pieces of fresh lemon into the cup, then cover it and leave it for a few hours, not only to remove the odor, but also to make it fresh. Or use a few milliliters of salt to dip the water and rub it inside the cup. The effect is not bad.