How to wash the paint bucket

- Dec 14, 2019-

1. Dissolve. Test the paint on the furniture with industrial alcohol. If the paint is dissolved, it is indicated as shellac varnish; if the paint becomes soft but not dissolved, it is indicated as a mixture of shellac and natural lacquer. Next, test with the thinner of natural lacquer; if the paint dissolves, it is natural lacquer. Shellac varnishes can be removed with industrial alcohol, natural paints can be removed with natural paint thinners, and mixed paints with shellac varnishes and natural paints can be removed with equal parts of mixed solvents of industrial alcohol and natural paint thinner. To remove these paints, it is not necessary to use chemical compounds.

2. Brushing. Use an old or disposable brush to apply the appropriate solvent to an area on the exterior of the furniture. Allow the alcohol or thinner to work for 5 to 10 seconds, then wipe it off with a coarse cloth or benzille. If the paint is easily wiped off, you can use alcohol or thinner to remove all paint without the need for paint and varnish removers. Be agile-alcohol and thinner evaporate quickly. Clean a small area at a time and change the rag frequently to prevent the old paint from being rubbed on the furniture again.

3. Blade scraping. After wiping off the paint, use a spatula to go through all the furniture to remove any paint residue. Furniture scrapers are best. Maybe they are made of Pexcel soaked in thinner. Scrape along the wood lines, being careful not to scratch the wood. If necessary, sand and lubricate the wood. Do not use force during the sanding process. After sanding, furniture can be sealed, bleached, discolored, or painted.