How to use chemical plastic barrels?

- Jul 03, 2020-

1. Generally, the plastic drums after packing the goods are deposited on a double-sided flat tray, and the limit of the tray is not more than 1.3 meters; the maximum deposit is 1 layer on each tray. The number of plastic buckets deposited depends on the non-self of the tray. The margin should not cross the margin of the tray; the plastic bucket on the tray should be deposited at the corresponding point, so that the force point of the plastic bucket between the two trays is located in the center of the tray.

The storage period of plastic drums is 2 years from the effective date of production, and it will be replaced once the shelf life has expired.

Three, plastic barrels should be stored under a canopy to avoid exposure, the storage temperature is below 40 ℃, -18 ℃.

4. The plastic bucket deposited on the tray is fixed by wrapping film. When packing, avoid the light pressure deformation between the plastic bucket and the plastic bucket, the deformation variable is ≤5%; the number of stacked layers of the tray after packing should not be For more than 2 floors, the upper masses should be pointed when piled up, so that the weight of the top layer is released to the masses evenly; the soil in the deposit should be level and horizontal.