How to use chemical barrels reasonably

- May 03, 2020-

First, it must be ensured that after the dangerous goods are filled, the heat seal of the plastic bag inside the plastic bag with a tight packaging seal must be good or the piercing should be firm without any leakage or leakage.

Second, when loading dangerous goods in plastic drums, the outer surface of the plastic drums must not be corroded or damaged, and the appearance is clean.

Third, it should be stored under awning to avoid exposure. The maximum use temperature is 60 ℃, the storage temperature is below 40 ℃, and the shelf life is 1 year from the date of production.

Fourth, if the filling products are prone to generate volatile gas, especially in February, April and August when the temperature difference effect is obvious, the lowest time of the day should be selected for filling, so as to avoid the collapse of the deformed image.

Fifth, the weight or volume of a single piece of dangerous goods contained in a plastic drum shall not exceed the highest limit of the international regulations on the transportation of dangerous goods.