How to use a plastic bucket as a trap

- Nov 15, 2019-

Many people suspect that plastic buckets can't be used as bait boxes. It is ok to use practical plastic buckets to make bee hives. Before using them, you should use a knife to draw out the nest door on the plastic bucket, and also place a nest inside the bucket. The spleen, the plastic bucket without the nest spleen, will not enter. In addition, the quality of the plastic bucket is better, and there is no irritating odor. Before the best placement, apply with beeswax and put some honey in the spleen. Then the bee will smell into the plastic bucket after smelling it.

For the placement of the traps:

1. Sitting on the halfway up the mountain to the south and the caveside near the mountainside is the best choice for people to place the traps, because this place will not be affected by the wind and rain. In addition, the north-south mountainside area has the characteristics of winter bee and summer cool. Conducive to the bees entering the beehive.

2, when you choose to place the location of the trap, you should also pay attention to the nearby honey source. If there is no honey plant, the terrain is favorable, it is not too hard, because there is no bee activity in the place where there is no honey source, people's traps are also It does not play a role in attracting bees.

3. When placing the trapping box, the target should be used as the target. You can't cover the trapping box with an object. You must put it in a conspicuous position, so that when the scouting bee comes from afar, it can be found at once. The sensitivity to color is not high, and yellow is a color that they can discern. According to this feature, the bee box is painted yellow, which can also be a good bait result.