How to transport closed iron drums

- Nov 04, 2019-

In order to protect the safety of goods in various transportation environments, users and transportation links have certain requirements on the performance of iron drums. Since the closed iron drum should be sealed and not leaking, it is generally required to add a certain pressure of compressed air into the iron drum, and it is kept for 5 minutes without leakage, and the sealing property can meet the requirements.

In transportation, the anti-corrosion barrels in the closed mouth will be piled up in layers, so if the anti-corrosion performance of the anti-corrosion barrel in the closed mouth is very poor, the iron barrel pressed under the lower layer may be deformed due to the pressure from the outside. damaged. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the closed iron drum should be stacked with the specified height and kept for 24 hours without damage and severe deformation, and its compression resistance can meet the requirements.