How to tell if the handle bucket is good or bad

- Jun 25, 2019-

First, have a qualified product appearance

A high-quality handle bucket first has an intuitive judgment on the appearance of the color. You should choose a handle bucket with a smooth appearance and good color. The qualified product has no gaps and damage, and the quality is light and strong, which saves storage space. Convenient and fast transportation, a high quality plastic barrel needs to have excellent ductility and impact resistance.

Second, there is no strong pungent smell

It is well known that the handle bucket will have a little plastic glue smell. If you choose a handle bucket, if you smell a strong pungent smell, it is recommended not to buy it. Because the smell is usually produced by using recycled materials and inferior production materials, a bad quality. The handle bucket is easy to cause secondary pollution to the contents, and consumers must not choose inferior barrels.

Third, the use of non-toxic and harmless product materials

The handle buckets are made of different materials, and the handles of different materials are also different. Hand buckets are currently found in food, pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical and other industries. The handle bucket is generally made of polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene and other raw materials. No matter which material is selected, the barrel must first meet the non-toxic and odorless requirements. Due to the wide variety of major raw materials available, this requires the selection of the overall performance of the raw materials.