How to solve the surface gloss problem of chemical plastic barrels

- Feb 15, 2021-

1. To increase the injection pressure, the injection pressure, speed, time and amount of materials must be increased, and the back pressure must be increased to make the chemical plastic barrel filling more full.

2. Increase the temperature of the chemical plastic barrel to make it flow smoothly. Lowering the temperature of the chemical plastic barrel can reduce its shrinkage rate, and appropriately increase the temperature of the injection mold. In particular, increase the local mold temperature of the part where vacuum bubbles are easily formed, which can reduce the probability of bubbles.

3. Improve the exhaust of chemical plastic barrel mould.

4. If the chemical plastic in the chemical plastic bucket mold does not flow uniformly, causing the air to be trapped inside, then you can use a vacuum to exhaust the mold to solve this problem.

5. When the chemical plastic barrel enters a warm environment, its water will condense on the cold chemical plastic barrel. Drying the chemical plastic barrel can remedy this situation.