How to solve the leakage of steel drum curling triangle

- Dec 18, 2019-

Leakage in the triangular area may occur when the steel barrel is used for a long time. Nanning steel barrel custom manufacturers arrange the remedy of the leakage in the triangular area of the steel drum curling as follows:

(1) Sealing the rollers again, there are many reasons for the leakage of the steel barrel, but since the leakage has occurred, most of the reasons are the gaps (the crimping is not in this column), so , Lower the lowest point of the hemming roller a little more, or press the pressure plate a little more. Or replace the roller with a smaller roller groove, and then place the leaking steel drum on the roll packaging machine and roll it again to make the hemming tighter. Experience tells us that generally 50% of the leaking drums Can achieve no leakage.

(2) Use solder repair. In order to make the leaked steel barrels enter the ranks of qualified products, it is ideal to use tin solder to repair the leak, which is repaired firmly, and there is no deformation around the repaired joint.

(3) Repairing with leak repair glue. In recent years, many new leak repair glues have appeared in China, which can be used for repairing steel drums, but it is necessary to be cautious. Some leak traps are not resistant to high temperatures. Baking in the far-infrared paint drying furnace will melt away, some are not resistant to corrosion, and may leak again when they contain certain chemical products.

(4) Gas welding leak repair. Gas welding repair leak is a more traditional method, which has a better effect. Leakage is generally not seen after repairing, but because of the large heat-affected zone of gas welding, it is easy to cause large-area deformation and scar repair, which affects the appearance quality. Generally, it can only be sold at a reduced price.

(5) TIG welding leak repair. At present, many companies have started to use TIG welding leak repair. The effect is very good. The steel drum after repair welding can be sold as a genuine product. Its sealing quality and appearance quality are the same as one-time qualified steel drums. no difference.