How to repair plastic bucket cracks and perforations

- Jan 02, 2020-

If the plastic tonnage bucket breaks, we can use the following methods to stick it:

1. Remove the dirt on the damaged surface of the plastic ton barrel. Generally, first wipe off the dirt with a rag, then scrape out a new scoop with a knife. If there is oil stain, the oil should be degreased with hot alkaline water, then the alkaline solution should be washed with water, and then the surface layer should be scraped off with a knife.

2. When sticking cracks, cut a piece of the same kind of plastic sheet that is slightly longer, wider, and not aging than the cracks to clean the surface. Then proceed in order until all of them are glued, and then press it with a damp cloth to make the adhesion more tight.

3. When the sticky plastic tonnage barrel has a large hole, cut a piece of the same kind of plastic sheet that is slightly larger than the hole and clean it and place it on the hole, and use a welding gun to weld it around the plastic sheet.

50L plastic bucket is perforated:

If there is a small hole in the 50L plastic bucket, don't discard it. This is too wasteful. In fact, there are ways to remedy it. If the hole is not large, you can choose an adhesive to stick it. Of course, this method is limited to small holes. If a large hole is found, a good way is to make up with a special plastic welding. You can also find a suitable 50L plastic bucket to weld to the leaking place.

It should be emphasized that the above method is only applicable to the case where the hole is not large. If the hole is large, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, it is still necessary to consider buying a new 50L plastic bucket.