How to remove the scale of plastic bucket and compare its production equipment

- Jun 02, 2019-

1. In the purchase of plastic barrels, what are the necessary conditions for selecting good quality products?

In the purchase of plastic drums, if you want to choose a good quality product, one of the necessary conditions is to choose a professional plastic barrel manufacturer, which can ensure the product has good quality and good performance, and then To ensure that the product has a good use. Moreover, this specific requirement should be strictly enforced, and there should be no sloppy and lax.

2. What materials and processes are used in plastic drums? Is it mainly used for the transport and storage of solids or liquids?

Plastic drums are made of polyethylene and polypropylene, and are processed by blow molding and injection molding. The products can be used in chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, food and electronic industries. In the industry. In specific applications, it is mainly used for the transportation and storage of various liquids. However, in addition to this main purpose, it can also be used for the transportation and storage of solid objects.

3. How to remove scale after plastic bottled water?

After using water in a plastic bucket, the scale appears to remove the scale. The feasible method is to wash it with white vinegar, then rinse it with water, then dry it, so that the plastic bucket can continue to be filled with water. . Moreover, with this method, it will not cause any damage to the plastic barrel or damage the plastic barrel, so you can use it with confidence.

4. Does the different types of plastic barrels correspond to different production equipment?

Plastic buckets, which can be of different types. For example, plastic buckets and plastic hollow buckets, and the two plastic buckets correspond to different production equipment. The production equipment of plastic buckets is for injection molding machines and trimming equipment, while the production equipment for plastic hollow buckets is for plastic extrusion. These equipments, such as machines and plastic blow molding machines, cannot be