How to prevent the burst of closed iron drum

- Jun 02, 2020-

1. Before filling, check the quality of the closed iron drum to see if it has been damaged. If there is a quality problem, it can never be refilled.

2. Closed iron drums should not be close to heat sources during storage, and should not be exposed to sunlight. Should be placed in a cool place or take the necessary cooling measures to protect.

3. The product should not be overfilled, the filling quantity should meet the regulations, and the closed iron drum should generally have 5-7% space.

4. When transporting closed iron drums, do not use throwing, rolling, or slipping methods. They should be handled with care to prevent collision, impact, or falling.

As the saying goes, if you drive a ship for thousands of years carefully, the closed iron drum is moisture-proof, heat-insulating, and corrosion-resistant. As long as you are careful, there is generally no problem of bursting in the closed iron drum.