How to prevent static electricity in plastic drums

- Aug 01, 2019-

1. Check whether the surface resistivity of the surface barrel is less than 1011Ω to ensure that the surface charge dissipates in time.

2, using the metal liquid under the tube to fill, pay attention to the wall can not be filled or it will easily lead to brush type discharge.

3. The metal pipe should be grounded and the filling speed should be within 1m/s. If the IBC conductive tank is used, the metal pipe is connected with the IBC metal frame and the metal frame is grounded.

4. For low conductivity liquids, since the surface area of the insertion tube in contact with the liquid is too small, the static charge in the liquid cannot be derived. It is not recommended to fill the low conductivity liquid. If it is not used, it can be considered under nitrogen sealing conditions.

  5 Conclusion

1 Non-anti-static can hold a certain flammable material, but its volume is hindered.

2 anti-static, can hold high conductivity flammable liquid.

3 Verify the antistatic capacity of the antistatic barrel.

The purpose of the plastic bucket is very wide. In order to prevent static electricity during use, we can add an electrostatic agent inside and measure its volume resistivity, so as to ensure the safety during use, thus protecting the health of our users