How to prevent iron buckets from bursting

- Dec 06, 2019-

Iron bucket wholesale is a large-volume transaction, so you need to be extra careful to prevent accidents in the iron bucket. The following editors will tell you a few measures to prevent the bursting of iron drums to help everyone successfully complete the wholesale business of iron drums.

1. Before filling, check the quality of the iron drum to see if it has been damaged. If quality is a problem, it can never be refilled. 2. Iron drums should not be stored near heat sources and should not be exposed to sunlight. Should be stored in a cool place or take necessary cooling measures to protect it. 3. The product should not be overfilled. The filling quantity should meet the requirements. Generally, there should be 5-7% space in the iron drum. 4. When carrying iron buckets, do not adopt the methods of throwing, rolling, and slipping. Handle them gently to prevent them from being bumped, hit or dropped.

After production and management came to the fore, the company's operations were normalized, and profits and customers came together. Now the welfare of employees has become a key aspect of the current iron barrel packaging factory, allowing them to realize their own value while also Get corresponding labor compensation.

 In work, from the needs of customers, iron drum packaging factories have learned many new changes and understandings of the packaging industry. It is also very helpful for more customers. Although there are many problems at the beginning, once they are resolved, they will become a method or reference for future work. Everyone says, eat a glutton, grow a wise one. I think as the work progresses, everyone will become a leader in a certain industry.