How to open and clean latex paint buckets and how to purchase products

- Mar 13, 2019-

Latex paint bucket, which is a kind of container used to hold and store latex paint, so it is called latex paint bucket for short, and the following is a description of this kind of container, so that everyone knows what it is and how to correct it. Operation and use, in turn, can have good performance and use in the use of the product, rather than adverse effects caused by wrong use.


1. Latex paint bucket product selection route

Latex paint buckets, the way to purchase products from the current point of view, can have different purchase channels, and can be selected according to their own conditions and actual conditions. And only in this way can we choose the right product through the right way. In the specific purchase route of the product, you can either find the manufacturer or purchase it through the agent, or you can purchase the product on the industry website and take all relevant factors into consideration so that you can choose the correct result.


2. How to open the latex paint bucket?

If you want to open the latex paint bucket, you need to have the correct operation. The specific one is: first use a small screwdriver to end the hole like the latex paint bucket lid, then lift it outwards. Pay attention to safety during the operation, be careful not to hurt your hand. . After that, according to the above steps, the interlayer of the lifting hole is repeated, and the hand force is required to be in place, generally being lifted up to the half finger away from the edge of the lid to facilitate the opening operation. Next, carefully pick up the lid, because there is a protective ring inside, in order to facilitate the use, do not break the protective ring, so that you can open the latex paint bucket.


3. How to clean the bucket of latex paint bucket?

Brush the wall of the latex paint bucket, if you want to clean the bucket, you can soak it in water, and then directly brush off the residual latex paint on the wall of the bucket to achieve the purpose. It should be noted that after using boiling water for a period of time, Brush it again so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.


4. Latex paint buckets are used to brush different walls. Are there different specifications? Is it an iron bucket?

Latex paint bucket, which can be used to brush the inner wall and the outer wall, but the specifications of the bucket are different. If the inner wall is brushed, the small bucket is generally 5L or 6L, and the large bucket is generally 8L or 15L; if the outer wall is brushed There are four specifications of 5L, 6L, 15L and 18L. In addition, the latex paint bucket is not necessarily an iron drum, but it can also be a plastic bucket, depending on the type of latex