How to make logo for open barrel

- Apr 19, 2020-

The logos have a time limit, and even products under the same company will vary according to the specifications and period of product production.
Now I want to say that there is a unique way to mark all the signs that I want to make, that is, to stamp the sign directly on the barrel before welding the barrel.
This is a method of making open barrel logos that has many advantages for open barrel producers, and it is the same for open barrel users.
1. All open barrel signs are printed in one place (on the side of the open barrel close to the welding seam), and the relevant mark can be found without turning the open barrel.
2. The open barrel logo is automatically punched onto the barrel just before the barrel body is welded, so there is no need to compare the pre-molded barrel lid with the barrel body. Open barrels are not "dedicated" until welding, so there are few opportunities for errors.
3. The welder operator can easily and quickly change the logo, unlike the stamping workshop that requires a whole set of molds to change the logo of the stamping process.
4. Logo impressions are "off-the-shelf" parts, so any future logos can be added at low cost.
5. The inner surface of the barrel remains flat after stamping. Therefore, there will be no cracking or chipping of the lining as it is molded on the lid.
6. Due to the use of molding to process barrel lids, the number of molded parts has been significantly reduced. Now the inventory of barrel lids has been reduced. The old method of sluggish and backward mold lid inventory will be cancelled.
7. Have flexibility. The logo plate can be changed in about 20 seconds, so there is no need to arrange a production plan for the stamping workshop in advance in order to obtain accurate molding on the barrel lid.