How to maintain and maintain the paint chemical barrel?

- Mar 13, 2020-

Coating chemical tanks also need regular maintenance. Check and clean to ensure that there is no dust inside or outside the paint chemical barrel. During the inspection period, when cleaning the barrel, please ensure the air extraction pressure first, or the whole piece of paint can bring serious hazards to the body flying; regularly check the suction filter for blockage, and clean the work after it is broken. If the paint chemical bucket is used, it will continue to be used in the next working day, which can increase the progress of the pneumatic motor to ensure that it can be used normally for paint chemical buckets. In the industrial production process, the information used is often not Will be limited to the solid form, many hours must be used in the liquid data, and then at this time need to have a special container to take charge of the packaging of this liquid product. Packaging liquid products often use packaging drums as containers and containers for liquid materials, because different liquid materials often have different corresponding packaging drums.