How to improve the plastic barrel seal of the plastic barrel manufacturer.

- Aug 15, 2019-

Plastic barrel manufacturers should not improve the plastic barrel seal.

Many users have responded that the plastic barrels purchased in the market are not well sealed. In the process of transportation, leakage often occurs. How should plastic barrel manufacturers improve such problems? Huachen Plastics introduces them in detail. There are such reasons. First, the product seal ring is not up to standard. The factory should handle the better quality seal ring in time. Secondly, the thread from the barrel mouth is too shallow, and there is not enough pressure to control the degree of fit between the seal ring and the barrel mouth. The threads should be evenly deepened and thickened. Third, the repairing machine exists in each other, and the repairing of the mouth is not smooth, causing the barrel mouth to be not flat, uneven, and the sealing ring is not in contact, causing leakage. Fourth, the height of the barrel mouth is too short. After the outer cover of the product is screwed to the end, there is no actual contact. It should be avoided in time to adjust the height of the barrel. More plastic barrel problems, you can pay attention to Huachen Plastics News Center in time.