How to identify the quality of plastic drums from plastic drum manufacturers

- Jul 12, 2019-

First, look at the color

The plastic barrel manufacturer's new material to make the plastic tons of barrels and the barrels with the returned material are different from the color of the barrel. The new barrels are pure and flawless, and the barrel is smooth and bright, looking through the barrel mouth. Good light, even if it is a black barrel, it has good light transmission. It is necessary to avoid selecting products with dark, uneven, partially black spots or pores, and no light transmission from the barrel mouth.

Second, smell

Integrity management of plastic barrel manufacturers of plastic tons of barrels without odor, not pungent, there is no strong plastic smell or odor. The industry standard is that the plastic barrels filled with products can be free fall and fall at a height of more than one meter, and will not break or leak. In general engineering plastics, living plastics have no pungent odor, such as PP, PE, PC, PS, etc. If there is an unpleasant smell in the lid of the lid, it is very irritating, so don't buy it. It is most likely made of secondary reclaimed material.

Third, press the barrel

The plastic barrel manufacturer's plastic barrel has good toughness, good hand feeling, and the returning barrel is relatively brittle and hard. After listening, the sound is relatively crisp and easy to break. Despite the competitive pressure, many manufacturers pursue profits, but most plastic barrel manufacturers still insist on the use of barrels to control the quality and cost of the products of the plastic barrel manufacturers. The weight of the plastic barrel manufacturers is reasonable to withstand the pressure, not It is easy to deform or even rupture, so each type of plastic barrel has a corresponding weight standard. Pay attention to see if there is any possibility of water leakage.

All in all, all of the wide-ranging applications of plastic drums in plastic drum manufacturers are inseparable from its superior performance in all aspects. The plastic bucket manufacturer's plastic bucket is not easy to break, because it is a polyethylene product, its toughness is very good, which reduces the difficulty of product transportation and handling, and it is compared with some iron and steel products. Soft, it is not easy to harm the products that need to be packaged.